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  • ADJUSTABLE. The EarSaver surgical mask strap can be used to better fit your mask. Use the back prongs to change the fit around your head.

  • EASY. Just attach both ends of the straps of your mask to the EarSaver.

  • RELIABLE. Perfect for long hours at work, outside, shopping, etc. Feel comfortable and safe all at once.

  • COMFORTABLE. EarSavers are made of flexible material, made to be smooth on your skin so it's not painful to wear, but sturdy enough that it can last multiple uses.

  • MORE. Need more EarSavers? We offer EarSavers in a packs of three and packs of five.





Getting tired of feeling the pain behind your ears from wear a mask all day? You can now protect your ears with VisiEarSavers. Make daily mask wearing more comfortable with these adjustable surgical mask straps. Lightweight and reusable, with two slots for easy comfort adjustment. VisiEar Savers provides high-quality care for your ears by being made from medical-grade HIPS. Order in packs of three or five.

Our Smooth material is easily sanitized, clean & disinfect after each use.


 Proudly made Wisconsin, U.S.A.

EarSaver Label
EarSaver and Mask
Pack of 3 EarSaver Surgical Mask Strap
Pack of 5 EarSaver Surgical Mask Strap
Pack of 5 EarSaver Surgical Mask Strap
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